We’re just an adorably cute couple committed to romantically dating and traveling after marriage.

We don’t have to tell you that dating is important. Whether you are married, single, in a long term relationship, raising a pack of wild children, or retired, you know that dating is how you find that special someone and keep them.

Do you remember how you felt on that first date with your spouse? Excited, a little nervous maybe. Do you remember the date you went on when you got engaged? Many of our best memories before marriage came from dating. Why would you want that to stop?

We believe even little experiences can make lasting memories, which is why we are committed to regular, meaningful date nights. In many ways, it is the regular weekly dates that we think will have a much more profound impact on our relationship than traveling the world…which we will also be doing 😉

What you will find in this blog:


We are pushing ourselves to come up with creative  dates that are easy and cost effective. Each week, we will post about one of our date nights along with tips to improve it and suggestions on how to adapt it.


We have a goal of traveling somewhere new and exciting each year. This summer, we will be visiting Morelos, Mexico and Guatemala! Our travels will also include some more frequent explorations a little closer to home, such as day trips and weekend excursions.

We hope this blog will preserve our experiences and motivate others to follow our example in their own unique way. Our dates and travels can be adapted to fit any life or relationship, so we hope everyone can find some inspiration here, whether you are married or not. Most of all, we hope people realize that dating after marriage is not only important, but that it is possible even with a busy and hectic live.

This blog is exciting and will change your life, but you don’t have to take our word for it! Here what some people are already saying:

“Jake is the best sibling I have, and I have a lot of siblings! I know his blog will be amazing because he is so smart.”

-My little Sister Jade

“Jake and Ana are cooler than everyone ever…besides Batman of course.”

-My little brother Jon

“While I love all of my children equally, Jake is my favorite.”

-My mom

“Such a cute idea! I’m excited to follow along with this blog and get ideas on how I can keep on dating my husband!”

-My Sister Jasmine (this one is real haha, thanks Jasmine)

So what are you waiting for?? Take a look at some of our cool dates here, or check out our latest trip here! Do you have some great date ideas for us to try? Let us know here! And if you really enjoy what we’re doing, we’d really appreciate a like on our Facebook page!