Take Us Out to the Ballgame

65e06a28-841d-4c67-aee6-45b37dce4143 editThere are a grand total of 162 games in a season of major league baseball for each team, and 81 of those are played at home. Each year I promise myself I will go to at least ten games, and each year I end up only going to one, no matter how hard I try. While some people find baseball to be extremely boring, I absolutely love going to the ballpark. Maybe it’s because of all those years playing little league, but nothing quite compares to the smell of freshly cut grass mixed with sizzling burgers and hot dogs.

If you haven’t seen a baseball game in a while, it is high time you go. Any live sporting event can make for a great evening out, but there is a sort of timeless, laid back air about a baseball game. Also, with so many games in a season, it’s almost impossible to not find a night that works for you.

13704223_907562769353785_994386686_n(1)Recently, Ana and went out to Petco Park to see the San Diego Padres play the Giants. Petco Park is a fantastic and unique place to watch a baseball game; it offers great food, a spectacular view of downtown San Diego, and the weather is always amazing. This year Petco Park hosted the MLB All Star Game, and people were really impressed with the whole atmosphere.

Downtown isn’t the easiest place to get in and out of, but the trolley stops right next to the ballpark and riding a few stops with a bunch of excited fans can really add to the experience. If you are willing to walk a bit, you can easily find parking several blocks away from the stadium…we recommend looking west of 14th St though, because East of the ballpark is still very much in need of renovation, and doesn’t give you the safest feeling on the walk back after the game.

We arrived at the stadium early to find our seats and get settled in. There are usually some interesting things going on before the game starts, like pitching practice and community recognition. If you’ve never been to Petco, it can be fun just walking around, seeing the whole park. And if you’re a real baseball fan, you will want to plan a few minutes to check out the Tony Gwynn statue at the park in the park.GwynnStatue-1024x768.jpg

The game ended up being a lot more exciting than usual; there were lots of hits, several home runs, and  the score stayed pretty close (which is usually fun unless the score is zero all game lol)…we even got an extra inning before the Padres won on a balk!


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