Father’s Day

shoes editLast Friday we took my family out because it was Father’s Day weekend. Instead of getting him a gift he didn’t nee, my sister Jasmine and I decided we wanted to get the whole family together to do something fun.

Bowling gets a bad rap by comedians in hilarious routines like this one from Jim Gaffigan; however, the truth is that bowling makes for a great family outing. Not only is it simple and easy to play, but it gives you plenty of time to hang out and socialize, while other people are taking their turns.

The Outing


Here’s me looking ridiculous

We met at my parents house and took advantage of some great Subway deals before heading over to the bowling alley. It was pretty packed and we were expecting to wait a while, but lucky for us, two lanes opened up right next to each other and we didn’t have to wait at all.

We each slipped on our shoes, found a ball we liked, and put our names into the system. I rarely go bowling (maybe like once a year tops) but every time I do, I really enjoy it. Not enough to join a league mind you, but I always forget how much I like knocking things over with heavy objects. Spending time with my family is fun too 😉

No matter how good or bad a night I have, I always make at least one strike and I always break 100 points. I’m not saying that to brag, because I usually never get more than 120 points, and I have only gotten more than 130 points twice in my life. I’m just saying I don’t understand bowling haha. I’ve been told that I don’t “complete frames” which is why I never get any better…which would make sense because many times I can’t hit a lone pin to save my live 😀

When all was said and done, my dad beat me by six points…I guess he’s still got it haha.

By the way, I got my dad a present too…in case you were wondering 😉


My dad likes to collect our school shirts, so now he’s got one more 🙂


Weekdays are a lot cheaper for bowling.

Less people to a lane means more bowling, more people to a lane means more talking.

Use a heavier ball and roll it straighter lol.

Watch some videos on YouTube before hand so everyone thinks you know what you’re doing 😉



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