Puppy Picnic

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Our spot 🙂

With a canine-friendly spin on a date night classic, a puppy picnic is the perfect date night if you don’t want to leave your furry friend at home all night. If you don’t have a dog, call up a friend and ask to puppy-sit theirs for the evening.

For a quick meal out and a little relaxation, we took our dog to a nearby park called Golden Hills Park that had a great view of downtown San Diego. It is also a great place to watch the planes fly in. A more secluded park, or a dog park, would be great for some play time after dinner, but since our dog Luna still needs a little practice with her social skills, keeping her on-leash was a better option for us.

The Date

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Before heading off, we packed a couple of sandwiches, sliced some fruit, and grabbed some chocolates we had snagged from my parents’ house a few days earlier. Parking was easy to find and there weren’t many people taking up the grass, so we were able to find a nice spot to pitch the blanket.

One thing I learned is that a blanket doesn’t provide as clear of a boundary as a table. It was a little hard to keep Luna from climbing all over us, probably because we’ve never eaten right at her eye level before. She never tried to eat any of our food, but her “I’m just smelling” was a little too close for comfort most of the time.

When she wasn’t trying to sit on our laps, Luna was intent on smelling every single blade of grass and stick within 5 feet of our blanket.
Sometimes I wonder how she doesn’t suck up a bunch of dirt into her lungs, especially how she pushes her nose into everything!

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When you didn’t want to bring a cup

IMG_4582 edit

Can’t keep away from us

In the future, getting a tie down stake to stick in the ground would be nice; as it was, my ankle made a decent enough anchor for the leash so I could have both hands free for eating.

We brought plenty of snacks for Luna, and occasionally we managed to pull her attention away from her surroundings long enough to eat one of them. Maybe it’s that puppy mentality, but being in a new place always puts her on sensory overload.

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Picnic View of Downtown San Diego

Chose your spot wisely. If your dog is really excitable, you may want to chose a more secluded spot in the park. Also, try to find a spot that has somewhere to wrap the leash around or bring a stake to stick in the grass…it’s not as easy as you think to eat with one hand when there’s a crazy dog puling at the leash in your other hand.

Picnics make great dates because they are so versatile! You get to control the setting, the food, the budget, the time it takes, the people around you, and you can even create different themes for your picnic. Don’t be afraid to get creative! We could probably do 52 weeks of just fun and unique picnics…but we won’t 😉

A meal can take a fun outing to the next level and really help complete the experience. Sandwiches are a great food choice that is easy to take along and eat anywhere. Check out our post Art After Hours where we didn’t even have to make the sandwiches ahead of time!

IMG_4552 edit

When you put a treat on top the lens so your dog will look at the camera for once in her life.

Don’t be fooled into thinking sandwiches are the only food you can take on a picnic. Here’s a list from Country Living that will give you some great, more romantic picnic food ideas.


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