Festival of Arts!

IMG_3738 edit“When I say artist I mean the one who is building things … some with a brush – some
with a shovel – some choose a pen.”

– Jackson Pollock

“Some choose a cow or bus.” 😀

– Me

Twice a week, my wife spends her time volunteering at a dance studio teaching kids how to dance Ballet Folklorico, and this past week they had a performance at the North Park Festival of Arts. Since we were hectically packing and running errands on Thursday and Friday to get ready for our trip to Mexico, we decided to turn the festival into our date for the week.

The Date

IMG_3615 editIMG_3632 editThe festival was set up on University Avenue in San Diego between 30th and 32nd St. Since it was only about a mile away from where we live, we decided to avoid the parking struggles and just walk. It was a fantastic day out (so fantastic that I got a nice sunburn on my arms and face lol).

IMG_3694 editAs we made the turn onto University Avenue, a few blocks from the start of the festival, we could hear music playing, and the smell of the fatty street foods made our mouths water. We walked past the west stage, where a local group was playing to a large crowd, and began working our way to the large stage on the other side of the street fair. The stores and restaurants on either side had their doors open, and the middle of the street was filled with booths and tents selling everything from food to apparel to crafts.

There were a couple other smaller stages where some bands were playing and there was even a man making huge bubbles with a long length of rope he had tied to some sticks, needless to say, he had quite the gathering of delighted children. IMG_3647 editOne booth even had a pottery wheel going where kids could get messy and create something of their own.

One of the coolest parts of the festival was a little section of Herman Ave where people were creating live art. From several large, mural-sized paintings to large objects like vehicles and even a cow statue, artists were busy making art and it was really fun to watch.IMG_3646 edit

We arrived at the stage on the east end of the festival a little early so Ana would have time to get ready. The east stage had been booked through the day with all sorts of dance performances. We got there in time to see a ballet performance, a hula dance, a youth hip hop group, and an African dance with drums.

The attendance was really good throughout the time we were there, but I was really surprised at the turn out for Ana’s Ballet Folklorico group, they really drew a crowd! Of course Ana performed perfectly, and their whole performance was amazing. I spent the whole time circling the stage and taking pictures 😉

This date turned out to be a good example of how we were able to squeeze some quality together time out of a really hectic weekend. We even got to meet up with some friends and family to enjoy some more of the fair afterwards.

Tips and IdeasIMG_3651 edit

If you burn easily, wear sunscreen lol (obvious)

Do you have a hobby or talent? Try turning it into a fun date activity!

San Diego is full of festivals and street fairs year round. Many other places also put on events like this, especially in the summer. Do a quick Google search and find one near you. You could have a lot of fun together, especially if there are rides!

Check out our Cinco de Mayo date, which was also a street fair!

IMG_3650 edit



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