Game Changer

I don’t want to knock any of your favorite Disney movies, but I think we’ve all been a little disillusioned by the “Happily Ever After” into thinking that the wonder ends with the wedding, or at least that it is guaranteed to go on forever. There definitely needs to be an action word in place of “after,” because getting married is really just the beginning, and living happily requires some work…so how can two people live happily…forever? What’s a strong action word that give us some insight? How about DATING!? It’s what got you to this point in the first place right?

It’s not hard to argue the merits of dating. How else do you get to know someone well enough to commit the rest of your life to him/her? How do you know if he/she is the one? Ladies, you would be surprised to know how much thought and effort is involved in taking you out. Guys, you would be surprised at how much of a difference a little thought and effort can make when you take a girl out.

I don’t need to tell any of you that a creative, fun, meaningful date is a game changer. A little thought and creativity can be the difference between spending some time together and creating romantic memories that last forever. The sad part, however, is that dating ends after marriage for many people. Even for those committed couples, it isn’t easy once school starts, or kids come, or the budget gets tight, or that new promotion has you working overtime.

We created this website to help couples overcome serious date-night dilemmas by focusing on:


Even the most boring dates can be a much needed escape, but too many boring dates can bust your chance of long-term date night success. We think you will find that a little creativity can be the difference between simply spending time together and creating romantic memories that last forever. We will strive to be creative with our dates so we can inspire the creativity in you…besides, we don’t want any of you to think we are boring!


We want you to have adventures together. We want you to remember how much fun dating can be and how important it is.  We want to motivate you to hide that TV remote and call that babysitter. No two couples are the same and no two lives are the same; we are all juggling complicated responsibilities (some more than others), but we all have time for date nights, we just need a little motivation.


We know you love date nights, but sometimes you just need some fresh ideas and a way to keep the budget under control. We want to give you fun and exciting ideas that you can easily adapt to fit the needs of your family…ideas that don’t have to break the bank.

We also created this website for selfish reasons 😉

  • We want to document our romantic adventures so that our memories really can last forever, a sort of a “legacy project” as Chris Guillebeau would call it.
  • And lastly, we created this website for accountability. We expect you to hold us accountable for our goal of continued dating after marriage. We plan on posting fun weekly dating experiences, and we don’t want to disappoint!

We hope this website will be a game changer for you. Get creative, get motivated, and get inspired!  We want your love story to go on Happily Ever Dating like ours!

We will be officially LAUNCHING this site on the 20th of MAY 2016, with several exciting posts that we hope will keep you coming back weekly for more fun and new ideas. Please share us with your friends and family, because you never know when they’ll need a game changer like this!

ps. keep in touch…we need you to motivate and inspire us too 🙂


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